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Subscription Boxes and Packaging

To take your products and brand to the next level, you need a beautifully designed subscription box package. Subscription box packaging should be a way to let your subscribers know that they’re getting something special. You want a box that fits all of your products comfortably, but not one so large that they bang around in shipping or so small that items burst through the seams.

From product placement to box design, attention to detail should make your beauty subscription boxes or book subscription boxes look clean and organized. The outside of your box is as important as the inside when it comes to marketing. You want to make a great first impression on new customers and it can be a way to continue to impress existing customers.


Packaging Guidelines for Subscription Services, Including Food Subscription Boxes

The first thing you should think about in packaging is materials. The type of packaging you choose should be dependent on both the type of products you’re shipping and their weight and size. Keep in mind these common packaging materials and the products they’re best for.

  • Mailer boxes – heavy and rigid, sturdy enough for e-commerce, subscription boxes, and retail gift boxes
  • Shipping boxes – corrugated for product protection, these can be styled to match your branding and give you quantity, size, and design options
  • Padded bubble mailers – made only for small items, these mailers are heavy bags or envelopes lined with bubble padding


Printing Methods for Subscription Box Packaging

There are three main types of printing for packaging used in men’s clothing subscription boxes, adult subscription boxes, and more. You can get quotes from our packaging manufacturer.

  • Lithographic label printing – a method that creates clean, high-resolution printing that is adhered to the box like wallpaper using adhesive
  • Digital printing – used mostly for small orders, this method applies color and design directly to the box by mixing the ink
  • Flexographic printing – the most common method for custom box printing, it uses a printing plate with your design as a large ink pad that stamps onto your box


Other Packaging Considerations for Subscription Box Services

In addition to the outer box, you need to consider packaging materials for your shipment. Depending on what products you’re including, this can be a major factor when it comes to final packaging prices. Those that require extra protection (like glass bottles and other fragile items) will require inserts or other packaging materials. You should also keep the design of your packaging in mind when choosing crinkle cut shred filler or colored tissue paper.


Choose Infinity Packaging Solutions for Subscription Box Packaging

Infinity Packaging Solutions, serving greater San Diego County, Los Angeles County, and nationwide, is happy to tailor packaging to your requirements and needs so you get the perfect box for your subscription service. Call us today at 760-402-3364 or contact us online to find out what your options are and to get a quote for service.

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