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Litho Laminated Boxes

When trying to improve branding for your product, including printing on your packaging can be a great way to attract customers. Litho Laminated  boxes are strong and an excellent medium for detailed printing, creating a complete custom packaging solution. One of the most common ways to print on a corrugated box is litho laminating. So, what are custom litho laminated boxes and why are they popular?

Litho Laminated Boxes
Litho Laminated Boxes
Litho Laminated Boxes

The Process of Litho Laminated Packaging

Litho lamination uses a lithograph, a system using two plates (positive and negative) and working on the premise that oil and water don’t mix. The positive plate has a smooth surface and is made to repel water and be receptive to oil-based ink, while the negative plate is rough and made to repel oil and absorb water.

Rubber rollers are used to lift ink from the plate and squeeze out the water. After that, the rollers apply the ink to the printing paper using the chosen image, and the paper is laminated onto corrugated cardboard. In this way, high-end graphics can be printed on strong packaging.

You can also use single-face litho lamination for even higher quality printing and a structurally sound package. Common uses of custom laminated packaging are electronics, vitamin, and retail packaging, and point of purchase displays.

Litho Laminated Boxes
Litho Laminated Boxes
Litho Laminated Boxes

The Popularity of Custom Litho Laminated Boxes

The packaging industry mostly uses litho lamination to create custom printed shipping boxes and corrugated packaging. Corrugated cardboard is excellent for shipping because it provides safe travels at a low price. Sadly, it’s not an easy material to directly print graphics to.

Because of this, the litho lamination process is used by packaging manufacturers to add custom, high-quality graphics to versatile corrugated cardboard. This is especially important for items bought in bulk where the shipping box is seen directly by the customer.

Litho lamination is an excellent investment for manufacturers for both advertising and packaging solutions as it can be used for floor stand displays, point-of-purchase displays, and retail signs. Fortunately, it is a cost-effective choice, no matter its purpose, quality, or volume.

For more information on custom laminated packaging, contact Infinity Packaging Solutions, serving greater San Diego County, Los Angeles County, and nationwide. We can provide you with quality packaging at an economical price. Call us today at 760-402-3364 or get a quote by filling out our online form. We’re here to help improve the branding of your products so you can attract the customers you need to be successful. Let us tell you how our products can make your products look good and sell in higher numbers.

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