Custom Rigid Boxes

Custom Rigid Set-up boxes, also known as custom rigid boxes, are a common packaging type that is associated with luxury products. These custom rigid packaging boxes are usually four times thicker, and therefore stronger, than the usual folding carton and printing is typically done indirectly by wrapping printed paper around the box.

As their name suggests, rigid boxes are sturdy and rigid. Consider the box from your last purchased pair of quality shoes. You’ll find they were probably sold in rigid packaging. Board games are also sold in custom rigid boxes, as are high-end spirits and food items, beauty products, high-end electronics, and smartphones, just to name a few uses.

How Custom Rigid Setup Boxes Are Made

Depending on the manufacturer, the process of making a rigid box can be done by hand or machine, or a combination of both. Rigid packaging begins as a sheet of chipboard (or plainboard or greybeard), which starts as the color of newspaper. You may also choose colored chipboard which gives the inside of the box a more vibrant hue. The chipboard is cut using cutting and scoring dies to create the right size and shape, while the box sides are scored for folding. The sides are then folded up to create the box’s true shape and then taped by a quad stayer to secure them.

How Graphics Are Added to Custom Rigid Boxes

Any printing is normally done on a wrap which is then trimmed to fit the box. The box is placed on the wrap and the pieces adhere together with glue. Wraps can be made from fabric or paper with a vast array of finishes, colors, and textures, including flocking, foil stamping, and embossing.

While it used to be the norm to loosely wrap a rigid box, today most manufacturers use tight wrapping. However, you can still buy loosely wrapped custom rigid boxes which provide more of a hand-made feel that looks luxurious and expensive.

Get Your Custom Rigid Packaging Boxes in Various Styles

Rigid packaging is made up of two parts – a base and a lid (or bottom and top). Rigid box shapes can vary greatly in size and shape – V-shaped, triangular, circular, rectangular, square, etc. But, you’ll find in most cases that rigid box styles are described and categorized by the type of lid they use, whether that’s a telescope lid or hinged lid.

Rigid box packaging is luxurious, but it also protects products better than a folding carton during transport and retail environments. It is also better for consumer storage of your product, adding value to the sale.

When you need custom rigid boxes, contact Infinity Packaging Solutions. We’ll walk you through the process of choosing the box that’s right for your product. Call us at 760-402-3364 or contact us online to get a free consultation and quote.


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