Green Packaging for a Sustainable Approach

Sustainability is The Infinity Packaging approach. At Infinity Packaging, environmental stewardship and responsibility are at the core of who we are. We consistently move toward our goal of minimizing any adverse impact to the environment from our processes, or our products.
We accomplish this through continuous improvement and sustainable growth practices.Reduce, Reuse, Recapture, Recycle, Reinvent, Repeat

An engineered packaging system that is a balance between the needs of marketing, logistics and purchasing which utilizes materials
whose selection and quantity are continually challenged and justified. Typically this will result in:

  • Less material, efficiency gains, renewable material, recyclable material, biodegradable material, waste reduction.
  • These resulting creative solutions have consistently delivered significant sustainability improvements and cost savings.

Soy ink not only makes a big impact on the environment but a huge impact on your finished printed product.
Whether you’re talking about the health of the planet or your companies budget, soy base ink is clearly the best move for printing.

We offer a selection in many substrates or recycled stock as well as using non-toxic and soy based inks in our printing




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