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Custom Chipboard Boxes

If you don’t know what Custom chipboard boxes are, walk into any big box store or grocery chain and you’re bound to find many examples. Chances are that some of the boxes you see at Target, grocery chain, or Costco were created by our packaging company, serving greater San Diego County, Los Angeles County, and nationwide. This specific type of box is differentiated by its printing, style, thickness, and material.

Custom Chipboard Boxes
Custom Chipboard Boxes
Custom Chipboard Boxes

Chipboard Box Styles

When looking into chipboard boxes, it’s important to understand the different styles available to you to make the best impression on your customers. The following are some of the many types of custom chipboard boxes available to you for your packaging needs.


Custom Clamshell/Blister Card

Clamshells or blister cards are a popular option when you want your customer to be able to see the product within your packaging. There is an unlimited number of design possibilities for both the custom plastic blister and the card. This type of packaging is popular in sporting goods, food, toy, and hardware/tool packaging.

Custom Chipboard Boxes
Custom Chipboard Boxes
Custom Chipboard Boxes

Custom Dispenser Box

Used to display and dispense a wide variety of products, this custom chipboard box packaging has the option of providing a bottom opening tray where the product is gravity fed. This box type is used mostly with custom food, tea, retail, candy bar, and medicinal packaging.


Tuck Top Auto Bottom

This chipboard box type is one of the most popular styles because it can be easily printed and assembled on the production line. The bottom of the box pops in with ease while the top can be quickly tucked in. These types of boxes are used most often in custom sporting goods, tea, coffee, biotech, retail, and food packaging.


Tuck Top Snap Lock Bottom

The snap lock bottom style of chipboard box is similar to the auto bottom except the bottom does not come pre-glued. Instead, there are four flaps that get folded and locked. Snap lock bottoms are stronger than the auto bottom and are cheaper to create. However, they take longer to put together. These boxes are commonly used for sporting goods, tea, coffee, biotech, retail, and food packaging.


Rolled End Tuck Top

The rolled end tuck top box requires folding during assembly and is not glued. Its sides are made of layers of chipboard to add strength and the top can be tucked into the inside of the box to close. This box is used most often in custom pharmaceutical, Costco, tea, coffee, retail, and vitamin packaging.

There are many styles of custom chipboard boxes available on the market. When you want the best, look no further than Infinity Packaging Solutions. With a history of quality, our boxes are the best solution for custom printing that will attract consumers to your product. Contact us today to discover your options.

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