Chipboard Boxes

Create anything your imagination desires with this high graphic retail packaging substrate.

Rigid Boxes

A rigid non-collapsible retail chipboard box with a wide variety of paper and texture finishes as well as printing.

Hybrid Packaging

A combination of packaging substrates to achieve an extremely custom eye catching and creative appearance.

Infinity Packaging Solutions: Your #1 Source for Product Packaging

For all of your retail, industrial and point of purchase packaging needs. We can do it all from concept to final design and complete production. With over 30 years experience we design and produce packaging for many well known companies and a diverse range of industries.

Take advantage of our award winning designers to create an impactful and successful packaging design for an existing product or a new product launch. We are the next and final step to seeing your product displayed on the shelves at the club stores, grocery and retail chains.

Need Retail Packaging for Your Products?

Infinity Packaging Solutions specializes in Retail Packaging. We are an award-winning packaging design and manufacturing company serving low to high-volume retail packaging. We can produce as little as one thousand boxes. Our Products include Chipboard Boxes, Litho Laminated Boxes, Corrugated Boxes, Rigid boxes and many more.

Infinity Packaging Solutions has a proven track record working with some of the top name brands in the retail market. This spans the technology, entertainment, health and beauty markets, as well as food, drink and more. We offer high-volume, high-quality, Chipboard Boxes, Litho Laminated Boxes and Rigid Box Packaging, as well as Display Packaging with high-end materials and finishes.

We serve a variety of markets. Among these are subscription boxes, soap packaging boxes, candle packaging boxes and many other general retail packagings.

Green Packaging for a Sustainable Approach

In the 21st century the way we think, feel and use materials is constantly evolving. So, keeping up with the way we package it is essential. Here at Infinity Packaging Solutions, we understand the importance of keeping up with sustainable packaging materials, also known as green packaging, as well as convenience and innovation. So, look no further and contact us to find out how green packaging can benefit the environment and your business.

Food Boxes and Flexible Packaging

The way any product is packaged for the food industry is extremely important. This can be for numerous reasons, but most importantly to maintain the integrity and effectiveness of the enclosed product.

Our Food Packaging solutions including, Foil Bags, Pouches and Roll stock always produce packaging with the consumer in mind. Whether this is for the public, or for packs that preserve the integrity of contents, the design incorporates ease of opening for consumers.

Display Boxes for Shelf and Counter Displays

Infinity Packaging Solutions is experienced in producing eye-catching packaging that creates shelf-appeal for impulse purchases. If you need your product to stand out on the shelves, then Display Boxes can be the solution. They do not only perform their primary function in keeping the product safe but always have that attractive look. Infinity Packaging Solutions is cutting-edge when it comes to embracing new methods to create impressive brand and shelf appeal.

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