Clamshell Blister Packaging

The popular clamshell blister packaging you see in retail stores is a product of thermoforming. Clamshells differ slightly from traditional blister packaging. We’ll walk you through how they’re different and in what situations they might be best.

What Is Custom Clamshell Blister Packaging?

Clamshells are a type of packaging used mostly in retail products that have hinges in the blister pack that allow them to pry open like a shell. Normally, a clamshell with one hinge will have a tab so it can be hung on a store peg. Clamshells with multiple hinges instead use a flat base which lets them be sat upright on shelving units. This type of packaging is excellent for showcasing retail products because customers can get a clear idea of the product through the blister pack. And, because they are thermoformed, clamshells can be customized to hold any product and take any shape.

How Does a Clamshell Differ From a Blister Package?

A blister pack is another type of packaging that uses a clear thermoformed layer to enclose a retail product, specifically in pharmaceutical, food, and small consumer good sales. The biggest difference between a clamshell and a blister pack is that a blister doesn’t have a hinge. Instead, it is usually attached to a card made of paperboard to hold the product stationary.

When Should a Manufacturer Use a Clamshell Package?

Clamshells should be used when a manufacturer needs to transport, contain, merchandise, or protect a retail item. A clamshell is made up of two sections with a hinge along the centerline that folds over and attaches to itself to form an enclosed container. They’re usually used for higher-priced items such as electronics, smart-phones, and even food.

Do Clamshells Have Size Limitations?

Clamshells have very little in the way of size restrictions. Size limits are mostly determined by tooling and machinery. If a consumer or industrial product is of a weight and size that can be hung from a display peg, it’s likely that it can be accommodated in clamshell packaging.

How Long Does Clamshell Packaging Take to Create?

Thermoforming times vary based on the type of machine making the clamshell, the size of the mold, and the thickness of the plastic. Most machines can make thousands to tens of thousands of clamshell packages on a single machine.

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